The Company and its History

logo frantoio agostiniThe history of the Frantoio Agostini Company is a great story of passion, tradition and excellence.

A  story that began  70 years ago: an activity handed down from father to son, today, in its third generation.  
Frantoio Agostini Company, with the heritage of tradition and the creativity of innovation,  has been able to  create a unique Oil, ensuring  the highest quality and an unforgettable taste. 

Today  the activity has been improved and the company has been able to reach important successes: the Agostini Olive Mill  has been nominated as one of the 200 best Olive Mills in the World by the prestigious magazine “Der Feinschmecker”, specialized in the Food Sector.

The Territory: Marche Region

he company is located in Marche Region, in the center of Italy, in the Aso Valley, between the Sibillini Mountains  and  the Adriatic Sea, where the air is pure and fresh, and the climate is ideal for olive trees.

The deep green of the lovely hills and the charming blue of the sea are the predominant colours of a marvellous landscape that characterize the land where the tradition of Agostini Oil comes from

Here, where the culinary heritage of the Oil Making Art dates back from the ancient Romans, in 1945 Alfredo Agostini started to produce Olive Oil, setting up a small Olive Mill. Now, his son Gaetano Ugo Agostini is managing the company with his sons Marco and Elia, and his brother Maurizio.

The Product and its Quality

Gaetano Agostini has been able to reproduce in his Olive Mill the same traditional process to make an Extra Virgin Olive Oil  genuine as it was made in the past.  

Gaetano Agostini personally selects only the finest and the best quality olives and carefully oversees each single step of the production, in order to obtain and guarantee a product with authentic quality and an inimitable taste.

At the Agostini Mill the harvest is handmade and the grinding takes place within 6-12 hours after harvest, by first cold press, so to allow the final oil to keep a larger amount of natural antioxidants as polyphenols, vitamins and carotene, helping to have an Healthy Living.

Agostini product is  made by  an artisanal process , in the combination of tradition and innovation, with the highest  quality standards,  in the respect of consumers.

All the Oils from the Agostini range are bottled in the absence of oxygen and added with nitrogen, for a better preservation of the product.

The passion and the commitment Agostini Family is realizing  Oil with, allowed the Agostini Mill  to obtain several prestigious awards.
Each Oil of  the range from the Agostini Mill  is able to add a touch of flavor to any kind of food event and to seduce any Food Lovers, in search of authentic food experiences Made in Italy, in this case, “Made in Marche Region”. Download the brochure of the company >>.

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